©2024 by Ronald Brenner Horvitz and Andrew Steven Horvitz

Can’t You See That I’m In Love?! is an emotional roller coaster of a ride through life and death – and beyond. A dynamic and dramatic new musical capturing the quintessential human qualities of faith, hope, and love.

Can’t You See That I’m In Love?! is a kaleidoscopic portrayal of romance, a love-affair that always loves, and despite the vicissitudes of life, never fails.

Can’t You See That I’m In Love?! is based upon the life story and the musical compositions of an unsung American patriot,
Walter Harry Horvitz.

The musical drama begins and ends in Walter’s hometown, New Bedford, Massachusetts, at St. Luke’s Hospital, as the aging and ailing husband and father is rushed to the hospital by ambulance with what will be a life-ending illness. His wife, Maxine, and sons, Ron and Andy, rush in to the hospital as the story of Walt’s life unfolds in a retrospective “musical flashback” told by Walt, with his family by his bedside in his last days.

But, the musical drama is not laid to rest there… it takes its audience to the unseen shore – where they disembark into a mesmerizing display of faith, hope, and love – fulfilled.

The play showcases the whirlwind World War II romance of Walt, then a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, and Mac, a blind date he met on shore leave in Seattle, and their nearly-56 year marriage. It dramatically and humorously intertwines themes of love, patriotism, a “family” business, betrayal and emotional setbacks and recovery. Walter’s inspired gift and passion, the gift of music, permeates every fiber of his life and this musical, and resonates compellingly in the challenges faced by America – and Americans – today.

Though Walt’s and Mac’s pursuits to have his music discovered, during his lifetime, were not realized… through this presentation, their sons pay tribute to their Dad’s treasure trove of his previously undiscovered compositions. His songs call to mind the talents of luminaries like Art Tatum, Irving Berlin, Glenn Miller, The Gershwins, Benny Goodman, Mahalia Jackson, Jimmy Durante, and Louis Armstrong, and include ballads, love songs, show tunes, jazz, pop, rock, folk, patriotic, and spiritual hymns.

Highlighted throughout the show is Walt’s love of country as underscored by his resounding hymn, “Toast To The USA”© and his spiritual that brought Mahalia Jackson to tears at Louis Armstrong’s 70th – as she wailed away in her dressing room! – to Walt’s “Lift Up Your Eyes To The Mountains.”©

Yes, dreams do come true. And Faith, Hope, and Love are very much alive, in America!

Can’t You See That I’m In Love?! ’s inspirational musical journey soars above the mountaintops and plumbs the deepest valleys before arriving in “The Promised Land.” Along the way, get ready for memorable, foot-tapping music, rollicking humor, gut-wrenching despair, and the knowledge – that in the end – redemption awaits.

This is where the best in our families meet – head-on — with the worst. Where heartache, interspersed with humor, helps us endure some of life’s most trying times and deepest disappointments.

Here is the story of the underdog seeking redemption, whose inspired talents – and dreams – pass silently away, seemingly into obscurity. And then, amazingly, something wonderful happens. …